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Linking Consulting Authorized to Lead Business Development for Red Crescent Impact Investment

Linking Consulting is proud to announce our authorization by Red Crescent Impact Investment Consulting and Trade Inc. to spearhead their business development initiatives. This partnership aligns with Red Crescent's strategic objectives to explore and expand into new business areas.

In our role, we will facilitate key negotiations and discussions, reinforcing our position at the forefront of Red Crescent's growth efforts. This collaboration highlights our commitment to leveraging our expertise for significant business enhancement and strategic expansion.

bayrak_ authorisation

April 2024

Pitch Deck
in Baku

The AWEG (Atmospheric Water and Energy Generator) provides a sustainable solution for producing water, electricity, and HVAC energy directly from air, with 0 CO2 emissions. Designed for local production and consumption, it meets the needs of various markets through B2G, B2C, and B2B projects. This technology not only tackles environmental issues but also supports economic and social development by generating local employment opportunities.

AWEG Pitch Deck.jpg

April 2024

Linking Consulting Leads Farmolog's Business Development in Azerbaijan and COP29 Presentation

Linking Consulting is excited to overtake the business development for Farmolog in Azerbaijan, a key player in sustainability, based in Türkiye. We are guiding Farmolog towards a significant presentation at the upcoming COP29, focusing on their strengths in sustainability reporting.

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